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The Difference Between Garage Sales & Estate Sales

Why you should have an Estate Sale

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Boise Estate Sales, LLC knows the benefits of having a professional estate sale over a garage sale.

  • Estate Sales attract more buyers.
  • An Estate Sale can  generate more money for your pocket book.
  • Items are professionally displayed in a manner that allows buyers a non cluttered view of your goods.
  • Our sales staff has many years of experience moving product into the hands of the buyers.
  • We know what type of  sales, photos and ads attract more buyers to your items.
  • Our advertising is designed around targeting specific audiences for your items.
  • Normally, we utilize your entire house to display the items for sale. Customers will walk through the home, garage and yard to shop.

We Do Garage Clean Outs

Do you have a garage so full of items that you cannot park your car inside? We would love to help and make you some money at the same time.

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